Alfred 2 - A evolução do MAM
Telas Alfred
Telas Alfred

With Alfred 2, it’s easy to manage your entire content workflow, no matter the size of your operation, ranging from ingest to archiving, production and distribution on TV, cable or OTT.

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Digital media is our focus.

Developing products that help digital media producers manage, preserve, collaborate and share their content is our business.

Digital media exists in three different forms: computer files, network streams and baseband streams

ALFRED has software and hardware solutions to work with all these formats, and is able to develop specific modules and customizations for your workflow.

Alfred: At your service!

Media files

Alfred 2 redefines the concept of media management software. On-premises and in the cloud.

Network streams
and baseband

Powerful solutions for linear streaming, ingest and baseband playout.

Hardware and projects

Servers, desktop stations, LTO tape libraries and tailor-made projects, with the best cost/benefit ratio.


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Network and
baseband streams

Alfred IO allows full control and automation of streaming channels, relying on the most modern transmission protocols and compression methods. Also, discover Alfreds Ingest & Playout.

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Servers and

We have our own server and workstation hardware line, specially designed to fulfill all Alfred 2 and media management needs.

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Projects and

Count on an experienced team, to deliver the best solutions for your projects, including custom software development when necessary.

About Alfred

Alfred is a new brand from a business with more than 22 years and hundreds of deals and projects executed.

Known in the market for:

First-class Service

More than 100 systems successfully installed!
National and international customers.